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Pink Bonita Skullita

What Everyone Wants To Hear

Vicious Pink Bonita Skullita
20 August 1987
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About Me

My name is Brittany but almost everyone calls me Cinnamon.
I'm a 21 year old college student, a daughter, a music goddess, and a girlfriend.
I love to read books or zines, watch movies, drive around listening to my music loudly, and write.
I smoke too much and swear like a sailor. I'm strong, independent, and will flatten your ass without a second thought.


I will NOT censor anything I write.
I rarely write in LJ anymore but if I do, I will not put anything under an LJ-cut for the faint of heart.
You were curious, so deal with it.
Oh, and if you're adding me as a friend, please comment me to let me know.


Zines, mixed CDs, books, tattoos, piercings,
Halloween, Bettie Page, llamas, bunnies,
Postsecret.com, car rides,
listening to music in cars, bats, the moon,
pictures, pin-up girls, trying to organize things,
poetry, writing, Caribou Coffee, art, riot grrl,
feminism, cuddling, new lingerie, punk, screamo,
psychobilly, and horror-punk.

Fave Colors: Black, red, and hot pink.

Fave Bands: A.F.I., Alkaline Trio, A Perfect Circle,
Avenged Sevenfold, Bad Religion, Black Flag, Bikini Kill,
Bjork, Black Flag, The Clash, Coheed and Cambria, Deftones,
Dillinger Escape Plan, The Distillers, Dredg, Fiona Apple,
Fugazi, Garbage, Glassjaw, Horrorpops, Jack off Jill, Joan Jett,
kidneythieves, The Kills, Killswitch Engage, Mae,
Mindless Self Indulgence, The Misfits, My Ruin, New Found Glory,
Orgy, Pantera, Phantom Planet, PJ Harvey, POISON THE WELL,
Pretty Girls Make Graves, Rasputina, the Rollins Band,
Scarling, the Shins, Sleater-Kinney, Smashing Pumpkins,
Social Distortion, Taproot, Tiger Army, Tsunami Bomb, Weezer,
and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Fave Movies: Alice in Wonderland, Breakfast Club,
The Crow, Formula 51, Garden State, Girl,Interrupted,
Queen of the Damned, Say Anything, Sin City, and Tank Girl.

Fave Quote: If I Had Wanted You To Love Me I Would Have Asked - Me.

Fave TV Shows: Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, and C.S.I.

Fave Books:Love Is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield,
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk,
Haunted Chuck Palahniuk,
Survivor Chuck Palahniuk,
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath,
Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block,
Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn


Close-minded people, being wrong, cold weather,
running out of CD cases, running out of space
for new CDs in my CD collection, self-righteous
fucktards, judgemental people, dirty laundry,
burnt coffee, losing touch with people,
people that think I'm a dumb blonde, etc...


I'm 21 years old & I live in San Diego with
my parents and our four pets (2 cats [Luna & Buzz]
& 2 dogs [Tara & Pepper].) I'm sorta single for the moment, but
I'm never for very long. I don't fit into any molds so don't
try to place me in one.


I dream to be a writer (hopefully for Alternative
Press magazine) and to work in another record store
(I worked for Tower Records.) I dream of going to
London to sit in a cafe and write. I dream of
finally finishing a story.


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I'm Cinnamon aka Brittany aka Cinn City.
I see hell in your eyes.
Tiger Army never die.
You know how it goes.

100 Things About Me

Haiku2 for youslipthrough
hope he's great in bed
just like being completely
safe just having him
Created by Grahame

girl meets life
girl and life fall in love
girl gets mad at life
girl and life break up.

Kiss My Tears Away... Please.

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Chicks That Rock

80's music, a perfect circle, afi, alice in wonderland, amelia atwater-rhodes, angelina jolie, angst, art, bad religion, band tees, bikini kill, black, black cats, black eyeliner, body piercing, books, botchla, boys, bracelets, candy necklaces, caribou coffee, cds, chinese food, chuck palahniuk, cinnamon, coffee, corsets, cuddling, dark hair, darkness, demon in my view, dillinger escape plan, distillers, dreams, dyed hair, earrings, feminism, fire, formula 51, francesca lia block, gilmore girls, glassjaw, gum, guys, hair dye, hardcore, horrorpops, hugs, internet, jack off jill, jason marsden, jason mewes, jeffery moreira, jelly bracelets, kidney theives, kidneythieves, killswitch engage, kissing, kittie, kurt cobain, layouts, lazzaro, le tigre, letters, lipgloss, local bands, loud music, lyrics, making out, mindless self indulgence, misfits, mix cds, movies, mp3s, music, my ruin, nerdy, nine inch nails, nirvana, opposite of december, orgy, pantera, parties, photography, piercings, plaid, poetry, poison the well, poisoned mind, powerman 5000, pretty girls make graves, pretty things, prozac nation, psylocke, punk, push-up bras, queen of the damned, quotes, rachel cohn, rasputina, reading, real world, red, riot grrl, rock stars, saftey pins, scarling, screamo, scremo, shattered mirror, silver, sin city, slc punk, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, social distortion, soft skin, stars, stripes, sugar, sylvia plath, tairrie b, tank girl, taproot, tattoos, tea, tear from the red, the clash, the crow, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, thinking, thought, tiger army, tool, tsunami bomb, turn down elliot, vampires, veronica mars, vintage, wallpapers, wings, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, you come before you, zines